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Welcome sushi lover,

Sushi311.com is an "one-stop" website which includes dictionary of fish, nutrient facts, harvesting seasons, suggestion preparation, flavor & texture, and other useful information. Sushi311.com is a great informative website for sushi lover.
Sushi311.com may refers us to the "best-choice" sushi restaurant in your city. The "best-choice" means where you can find wide variety of fishes. Taste of the sushi are subjective and will not be reviewed in this website. You can refer the taste, service, and decor to other website such yelp.com or zagat.com. We shows you that the restaurants serve wide variety in regular day or just a basic sushi (tuna-salmon-yellowtail).

What you have to know?

There is no fish taste the same. The fish that we catch today will not be the same with the fish that we will catch tomorrow. Secondly, The taste is a subjective discussion. Therefore, your comment is highly accepted.

How we add comment?
Register or connect by facebook. Add the comment requires you to be objective as possible. You have to write which city you ate the fish and which restaurant and what is the topping is applicable. Those information will be helpful to realize and appreciate how the master chef works on the fish.

Who is the writer?
N.N is a Japanese restaurant consultant. Most his clients are sushi restaurants spread in New York, New Jersey, and New Orleans. As an IT-man and a sushi lover, he collects useful information in his notebook. He feel that this information should be shared to everyone. He got his information from the reading, sushi chefs (clients) advise, book and website.
He is starting to negotiate his clients to support sushi311.com to create a great informative website.

The future
Sushi311.com will work hard to put more information. One day, you may find how to cut the fish, to prepare it, and how to make your own sushi.

Any comment, information and etc
Just click me.

A tiny note:

The review about the taste above is a general review. There is no fish taste the same. The weather, size, quality, the source of the fish and how the sushi chef prepare them are important aspects to the taste and texture. We try to write as accurate as possible. Therefore, we are looking forward to the reader to participate in the discussion/comment to add/adjust/revise those review. Please mention when, where and specific detail how you review the fish.