Buri | Yellowtail

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Name Japanese amberjack
Other name Yellowtail, kanburi, Yellowtail tuna, yellowtail king fish
Other similar fish name  
Latin name Seriola quinqueradiata
Japanese name 鰤 - buri
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Carangidae
Species S. quinqueradiata
Genus Seriola

Buri is yellowtail. Kanpachi is also yellowtail family as well. How about hamachi ハマチ? The original meaning of hamachi is young yellow tail. However, hamachi refers to farm yellowtail.

Flavor & Texture
Buri has fatty, soft, very delicate, mild to rich, and milky-buttery. Compare to regular farm yellowtail, buri is more tender. Buri is easy to chew and the meat melts. The color is interesting deep white, very shinny, mild aroma, translucent look. It has blood line which is pink color and it is totally fine to be eaten. This is the reason why buri is so popular in Japan.

Hamachi or farm yellowtail is more fattier - about 30% fat content compare to 20% fat content which Buri has. Hamachi has richer taste and more fishy compare to buri.

Others name
Buri is actually for mature yellowtail. Please refers to this:

  • Mojako もじゃこ - 1-2 inch size
  • Wakashi わかし - 2-6 inch size
  • Inada いなだ - 6-16 inch size
  • warasa わらさ - 16 inch to 2 feet size
  • buri ぶり - mature version

One is the most famous fish in Japan. The largest size can be 50". However, the average size is 190 cm with the weight 70 kg.

Buri can be caught by netting. It can be caught wildly around nortwest pacicif ocean; Japan, California. The best buri live around Toyama and Hokuriku. The season is winter. They love schooling in deep water ocean.

Sushi Preparation
Similar with yellowtail family, it is easy to take out the skin and bones. This fish is huge size, so the chef may need special knife to cut the fish. Even buri has a plenty of bones, good skill chef may not find this process as challenging process. To cut the fish, you may need very sharp knife because the meat is easy to break.

Very high oil content. Moderate mercury content.


Nutrition Fact 100 grams +3.5 oz
Protein (g)  
Fat (g)  
Saturated fat (g)  
Sodium (mg)  
Cholesterol (mg)  
Potassium (mg)  
Source of information:

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Buri sushi, unknown


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