Honshu, NJ

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95 Greene Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
between York Street and Grand Street




After years being a favorite Japanese cuisine in Jersey city, NJ, Honshu moved to bigger and fancier location. Beside the fancy space, Honshu is expanding their service. One of them is Omakase, chef choice.


Unlike other sushi restaurant, head chef is staying in the bar, not sushi bar. There are 7 seats in the bar where you can watch the head chef preparing your omakase. Head chef dresses more casual than sushi chef like. However, it is a casual place that serve unique Omakase in Jersey City, NJ.


I came here many times. The omakase price was around $50 up to $ 150. Chef recommends to make reservation for $ 100 up. The reason is he keeps the best part of the fish for you. He also marinated some of the fish only for the reservation.

Lets begin! Unlike other sushi restaurant, chef merge Gastronomy technique, different kind of rice, liquors and other to create modern Omakase. I believe you can expect Modern Omakase was born here.

Starting with kumamoto airy-ponzu sauce, fresh scallion, kimchi spicy sauce, than topped with Hokkaido sea urchin and salmon roe. It was a super luxury oyster that I have eaten. It is two thumbs up for this creation. Funny, he refused when I asked the second one. "Save your stomach space, man..."

Honshu has plenty special white fish, mackerel type and unusual fish. We had kanpachi, sayuri, kohada, genuine madai, barracuda, kinmedai, and many more. I remembered that he served genuine madai with black rice and tequila-midori sauce. The flavor was blowing my mind. "It was damn good". Second, chef Jason prepared strong seareed young barracuda. It was smooky, extremely soft, and flavorful fish. I could not believe he infused smooky flavor into a fish in second. Next, wet-aged tuna in soy sauce and mirin. It was good, but I found better one. However, he won in presentation for this. He put as appetizer style instead of sushi with cute edible flower salad. I could not believe that I remember so much. Next one is sayuri. He did not go fancy of this fish, just simply cut and lemon zest.

Chef Jason is really good explaining the fish and stuffs. He is funny too. He asked me what the favorite seafood or fish. I answered shortly "uni". Than he continued to work and served me a unique dish that I could not believe. St Barbara Sea urchin with soft tofu, Sturgeon caviar (I can believe this place have this), fresh scallion, 24K edible gold, with ponzu-yuzu sauce. How luxury dish is it? He asked me funny question about comparing the Hokkaido sea urchin and St Barbara sea urchin. Well...!! Please get the picture in Yelp. You found a lot.

Chef Jason is next to the bartender who is more quiet than him. However, he is a great guy to show explain to me about Honshu fancy cocktail. Yes, he does a great job. Please do not forget to order their cocktail or sake. It is great pairing.

I came few times because his omakase is not boring. He introduced me numerous fish, technique and sauces. Therefore, I don't get bored at all even few visits. Good job Mr. chef.

Note: Mr. Jason just start does his omakase after Honshu moved to the new location. Therefore, Honshu main business is not an Omakase. Some of the links below do not belong to omakase, however, their regular sushi business. They also have two profiles in Yelp, Tripadvisor and etc. The old one and the new location.




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//Head Chef and Owner

Jason, Head Chef


//Highlight items

  • Oyster, they have numerous oyster with fancy gastronomy foam.
  • Sea urchin, not only St Barbara, Maine, they also have Hokkaido. However, check with the chefs.
  • Smooky baby barracuda. They do very well with barracuda.

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