Japanese Kitchen Knives

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Japanese Kitchen Knives

by Hiromitsu Nozaki and Kate Klippensteen
ISBN : 978-4-7700-3076-4

This book is not a sushi book. However, it is a great review on how to choose sushi knife, how to use it, how to cut, skin, and do the fillet. Do not expect that you are going to be an expert sushi chef. Sushi chef is trained for years to be an expert. However, it is a great book for fun.

You find also why sushi chef spend thousand dollars to buy some sushi knife. Why they bring so many knifes. Do the best cut for sushi is not an easy job. It requires special equipment, knife and technique. This book explains some of the technique as well.

It is not a thick book, so do not expect that the book teaches every single fish. You may find how to cut few types of fish.

It is a well done book for fun, great reading if you love sushi so much. You may appreciate sushi more after reading this book.

A tiny note:

The review about the taste above is a general review. There is no fish taste the same. The weather, size, quality, the source of the fish and how the sushi chef prepare them are important aspects to the taste and texture. We try to write as accurate as possible. Therefore, we are looking forward to the reader to participate in the discussion/comment to add/adjust/revise those review. Please mention when, where and specific detail how you review the fish.