Jewel Bako, NYC

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239 East 5th Street
New York, NY 10003
between 3rd Avenue and 2nd Avenue



Sushi bar is the best experience for omakase. However, please call few weeks in advanced for the sushi bar seat. Do not come with many people for the sushi bar seat. There are only 6-8 seat for sushi bar. Anyway, it is not going to be fun to enjoy omakase with too many people. Opentable is not ok for sushi bar reservation.

This place is one of the most reviewed by sushi expert and sushi lover.



We came here many times. The omakase price was around $50 when the first time we came here, than it went up to $65. Now, it is about $75 from their website. No worry, we still agree that it is a great deal for omakase. Everytime we came here, we always lost in counting how many and what we have eaten. It is around 15-17 pieces. Most of the fish are unique, fancy and some have light topping. The most, they prepared with seared or light soy sauce. Therefore, no soy sauce needed anymore.

I noticed that the menu is a little confusing for the beginner. There are two omakase; one is the omakase sushi only and the other is omakase full menu including kitchen foods.

The style is edomae modern sushi. So please expect fancy lobster sushi and other stuffs. Use your hand, not the chopstick to grab the sushi.

Jewel Bako has plenty special white fish, mackerel type and unusual fish. We had kohada, genuine madai, kinmedai, kanpachi, and many more. It is a great fresh sushi and they did excellent presentation as well. The size is a smaller and thinner than what we used to get. However, they feed you with many kind of fish. So we are not clear that they did it in purpose to have us experience many kind of fish. However, it was a great experience. We were think that the sushi rice was fine. I notice that the sushi chef play the density with the sushi rice. I believe that he played the air in the sushi rice. Some of fish need a very airy sushi rice.

Two thumbs up for the service, my tea and water never empty. As well, my table is always clean. There is no question why they received michelin star for nine years in row.

Overall, it is a heaven place for sushi expert, sushi lovers and date place.

I am sorry that there is no picture of the fish. I do not have good camera and I do not think that every restaurant enjoy taking picture process. There are many picture online. The only picture I took is the uni platter above because it is too good.




Below are links with plenty pictures :-)

//Head Chef and Owner

Yoshi Kousaka, Head Chef

Jack Lamb, Owner


//Highlight items

  • Trio Tartare, it is mentioned in many website.
  • Complimentary tuna over crispy rice. It was great combination.
  • Uni cup? Bruleed uni? whatever name the chef told you. It is fresh uni, seared uni and seared scallop in a sake glass. Never missed this.
  • Lobster sashimi. It is rare, however, you may ask. If they asked you to pay extra for this item, just say ok.


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