Kanoyama, NYC

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175 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

(212) 777-5266



It is “always busy” place in the heart of East Village, NY. It may be tricky to get omakase here. They write “omakase” on the menu for $39 which actually not really Omakase. You must mention “sushi box omakase” when you make a reservation to have “real” omakase experience at Kanoyama.


Kanoyama’s style is slightly unique: chef will hand you individual fish, you must receive it with your hand and send the sushi directly into your mouth. Not sure if they avoid picture taking (it is the reason why you won’t find any picture in Yelp or etc). As per Shikanai, the chef, you must to eat fresh one, eliminate temperature plate’s effect - in his English as second language. By delivering “hand to hand”, it will cut few seconds, you get fresh-er one.

His edomae style sushi is very simple; soy sauce and few kind of salts and marinated fish. No fancy topping, gastronomy or etc. We noticed that he does not press his rice strongly. Is it good? It is his style - bad and good. The rice is melting with the fish and easy to chew. The bad is easy to break, sometime it breaks before it is inside your mouth.

Let's talk about the fish, we keep track what we got:

  • Grouper
  • Kisu
  • Kasugodai
  • Madai
  • Sayuri, they are playing good with this fish. Memorable!. They put shiso and ginger to kill the fishy taste. Well done!
  • Baby kanpachi
  • Buri yellowtail
  • Kinmedai, chef put charcoal salt. It is wonderful smokey hint!
  • Shimaaji
  • White shrimp
  • Scallop, we dissapointed with their scallop.
  • Aji
  • Kohada
  • Toro
  • Ootoro

At the end of these, you can pick one more fish that you loved. You should to remember what is the best for you. I picked ootoro and my wife picked kinmedai.

Wups!! Almost forgot to mention: they gave extremely good tamago after everything. Picture is showed above. We agree that it is the best tamago we have eaten.

It is wonderful experience for us. The chef does not interact or talking much, Shikanai-san is a little shy person, especially with English ability. However, he did the great job that make us visit for the second time. We are thinking to get the whole omakase with appetizer and etc in the future.


//Head Chef and Owner

Nobuyuki Shikanai, Head Chef and owner


//Highlight items

  • Tamago
  • Few kind salt that they are using for topping


A tiny note:

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