Kanpachi | Amber Jack, almaco jack

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Name Kanpachi
Other name Almaco Jack, Amber Jack, Greater Amberjack, kampachi
Latin name Seriola dumerili
Japanese name カンパチ Kanpachi
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Carangidae
Species S. dumerili
Genus Seriola

Flavor & Texture
Kanpachi is a yellowtail (hamachi) family. Kanpachi is a great fish for sushi because it has delicate taste, not too oily, soft, meaty, easy to chew. Wild kanpachi has stronger fishy smell and less softer compare to farm kanpachi. Sometime, people find the meat is very fishy and has strong smell, however, it does not mean that it is not fresh. Meat color is white to pink and litlle transparent Wild kanpachi has less oil content compare to farm kanpachi as well. However, people do not notice the meat until they really compare those meats at the same time.

Compare to other yellowtail fishes, kanpachi has visually softer texture. You may hard to see the line. You may see that the meat has less oil.

If you are very detail in flavor, comparing with Buri, Kanpachi has simpler flavor, softer texture, lighter. Kanpachi is an ideal fish to who prefer soft and light flavor than fishy bold fish.

Wild kanpachi is between 90cm to 160cm. However, the farm is smaller than wild kanpachi. Kanpachi weight is around 59 - 65 kg.

They are usually live in a small group between 5 to 160 m ocean. They are available in Indian to the west Pacific Oceans. Some of them have spotted in South Africa, California and Peru.

The largest kanpachi farms are located in Kona Island, Hawaii.

Sushi Preparation
It is not hard to prepare this fish. However, most sushi restaurant got the fish in fillet or half fish. This fish is great to be prepared in fresh or 1-2 days cold aging process to reduce the strong flavor.

The neck is great for grilling. However, it is very fishy.

Rich with good protein, mineral and fat content. It has moderate of mercury content. It has great omega-3 and fatty acids

Nutrition Fact 100 grams +3.5 oz
Calories 141
Protein (g) 22.2
Fat (g) 5.9
Saturated fat (g) 1.6
Sodium (mg) 41
Cholesterol (mg) 40
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Wild Kanpachi. Sushi Yasuda, Tokyo. Happy Noms

Farm Kanpachi. Honshu Lounge, Jersey City    

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