Kura Sushi, NYC

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130 St Mark's Pl
New York, NY 10009



Norihiro Ishizuka always smile and joke in the front of you. Do not come in big group because the space is only for 12 people and he might only server 4 people maximum if you want enjoy the truth omakase version. Try to make reservation, otherwise, hope your luck is on its peak.



July 26, 2014 - we made a reservation. Beware that there is no sign outside the restaurant, you may pass them. A restaurant was empty because we came really early. I started with a glass of wine. Like other sushi restaurant, they are not expert to choose the wine. We ordered the $85 omakase. They started with soup, a fancy miso soup with clams. Than, a complimentary the sauteed fish.

There are almost 16 pieces sushi including chu toro, ikura rice, fluke, scallop, shima aji, aji, saba, orange clam, mirugai, abalone, red snapper, anago, tamao, uni, mantis shrimp and sakura ebi.

Mr. Ishizuka's style is simple. Just a slight wasabi and soy sauce. No fancy topping or fancy marinated stuff. We may consider the cut is moderate big. So you may full quickly. He also serve them quickly. We spent almost 20-30 minutes including dessert.

I am sorry that there is no picture of the fish. I do not have good camera and I do not think that every restaurant enjoy taking picture process. There are many picture online.



No menu. Three different oamakase $65, $85, $105.


Below are links with plenty pictures :-)

//Head Chef and Owner

Norihiro Ishizuka


//Highlight items

  • Mantis shrimp, Mr. Ishizuka always put raw mantis shrimp with eel sauce. This shrimp is rare in NYC.
  • Saba in Osaka box style/battera. It seared and it is great texture.
  • Stuffed squid. It is a unique dish and only available in Kura Sushi NYC

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