Sayori, Hariuo, Kannuki | Japanese Halfbeak, Thin Fish

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Name Sayori
Other name Japanese Halfbeak, Hariuo, Kannuki, Thin Fish
Other name (wrong) Needlefish
Latin name Hyporhamphus Sajori
Japanese name サヨリ Sayori, 鱵 , 細魚 "thin fish"
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Beloniformes
Family Hemiramphidae
Species H. Sajori
Genus Sajori

Sayori, Japanese halfbeak is different fish with American or regular halfbeak. Sayori is one of the classic edomae style sushi. By using entire piece of filleted sayori for one serving sushi, the style is called "wazukuri". It applies to young or small sayori. Bigger sayori needs to be spliced and served as two pieces.

Flavor & Texture
Sayori meat is soft to slighly firm, clean, a little fishy smell, and medium to light flavor, delightful. The color is pretty shinny transparent to white. With shimmering shinny skin, sayori is becoming easy to eat for sushi beginner.

Small fish. It should be around 10cm to 15cm. However, they can grow to 40cm.

Their season should be winter and spring. However, they can caught in early summer as well. The best season is April to June. Japanese sayori are usually schooling in around shores of Mie, Hyogo, Ishikawa, Hiroshima and Wakayama. This fish can be caught by netting. They live in the top water. They are not available in off season.

Sushi Preparation
Preparation needs more attention because it is small fish. Skin need to be slighly removed. Otherwise, it will add "too chewy" texture. After the chef take out the bone, the meat should be cured and marinated with either salt, vinegar, lemon or lime. Chef are freely to vary the way they cure or marinate the fish. Those process are necessary to improve the flavor and reduce the fishy smell. Shallow cutting is not necessary for sayori fish.

Low mercury, medium fat content. Good omega-3


Nutrition Fact 100 grams +3.5 oz
Calories 95
Protein (g) 11.76
Fat (g) 0.8
Saturated fat (g)  
Sodium (mg) 114
Cholesterol (mg)  
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Sayori sushi in unique presentation. Shizuoka Gourment

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