Shako | Mantis Shrimp, Squilla Mantis

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Name Mantis Shrimp
Other name  
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Latin name Oratosquilla oratoria
Japanese name シャコ / 車庫- shako
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Malacostraca
Order Stomatopoda
Family Squillidae
Genus Oratosquilla
Species O. Oratoria

Flavor & Texture
Mantis shrimp flavor and texture are different compare to regular shrimp. Mantis shrimp has meaty texture similar to crab. It is soft and little rubbery. However, mantis shrimp has less sweet compare to crab and shrimp.

It is a classic Edo style ingredient. It is rare to get this shrimp in recent moment. They may reach 7.3".

Mantis shrimp is available year around. They live about 10-100 meters.

Sushi Preparation
Mantis shrimp can be eaten raw or cooked. Some exclusive sushi restaurant has a tank or aquarium to keep this shrimp alive. When the customer orders it, the chef catch, clean and marinated in salt water in few minutes.

When the chef prepares cooked mantis shrimp, it needs to be poach with hot water in a few second only. It is chef decision to use salt and vinegar. Some chef uses ginger vinegar to marinate mantis shrimp. Vinegar may pull the sweetness flavor of the shrimp. Please beware that cooking too long makes any shellfish texture like a rubber.

It has high amino acid glycine, good omega-3, less fat.


Nutrition Fact 100 grams +3.5 oz
Calories 95
Protein (g)  
Fat (g) 1
Saturated fat (g) 0
Sodium (mg) 185
Cholesterol (mg) 121
Potassium (mg) 0
Source of information:

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Raw Mantis shrimp sushi. Shizuoka Gourmet

Cooked mantis shrimp sushi. Shizuoka Gourmet    

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