Tachiuo | Scabbard, beltfish, great sword fish, silver scabbard, cutlassfish

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Name Scabbard
Other name Beltfish, great sword fish, silver scabbard, cutlassfish
Other similar fish name  
Latin name Lepidopus caudatus
Japanese name 太刀魚 - tachiuo
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Trichiuridae
Species L. caudatus
Genus Lepidopus

Flavor & Texture
Tachiuo has interesting texture; meaty, firm and tender when it is raw. Indeed, people may found a little crunchy texture. The meat color is pretty; white with another white segment layer. It is white fish typical meat color. The flavor is light, hint a salt, long finish. However, people usually slightly grilled (medium rare) to change the texture to be a little soft. When it contacts the heat, the texture is change. The meat becomes slightly meaty-soft and more flavorful.

It grows to over 2 m length. The weight can be 2.2 - 4.4 lbs

This fish is available for year round. However, Japanese celebrates summer with this fish. It is wild around Mie and Miyazaki. It can be caught with single rod.

Sushi Preparation
It is a little challenging to clean up the bone and hard skin, after cutting the head and tail because the length. After, chef may vary to cut the meat. Plenty meat are available. They may serve the fish with different style of presentation; raw, slightly seared, grilled, or smoked. The raw fish has less flavor so the topping used is necessary.

This rare fish has a little mercury challenge, good omega-3 and protein.


Nutrition Fact 100 grams +3.5 oz
Calories 126
Protein (g) 18
Fat (g) 6
Saturated fat (g) 2
Sodium (mg) 110
Cholesterol (mg) 80
Potassium (mg) 0
Source of information:

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Raw tachiuo sushi, cut with a soft-skin and red part of meat. Shizuoka Gourmet

Slightly burned tachiuo sushi, topped with scallion and momiji oroshi. Shizuoka Gourmet Almost well done tachiuo sushi with ginger sauce. Gari Columbus NYC. Happynoms.com  

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