The Zen of Fish

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The Zen of Fish

by Trevor Corson

ISBN-10: 0060883502

ISBN-13: 978-0-06-088350-8

The Zen of Fish is more like a story novel; even it is a documentary book. It is fun with easy to understand language and his style to write. It has plenty deep information about sushi including understanding sushi, omakase (chef choice), the culture, sign, and dealing with sushi.

Sushi is a luxury meal in Japan. However, we may find them almost in every corner in New York City. We found sushi as cheap food. There are plenty a dollar sushi places in New York as dollar pizza. This book shows how they have to go for volume.

Corson talked a lot about sushi culture; how to cut the fish, when the miso soup is served, chopstick used, and when we should drink the tea. You may feel embarrassed by pretending to be a sushi expert after reading this. Our imagination and what we think are wrong.
This book tells a lot of secrets. California roll is not a Japanese roll is not a secret anymore. This book tells more secrets including why Japanese prefer man sushi chef instead of woman.

This book is definitely easy to understand because the conversation and discussion use simple English language and simple Japanese words – he translated as well. You may free to stop and continue the next chapter when you have time. This book is not a learning book. Therefore, each chapter discusses different material. If you fall on sleep, just skip to the next chapter. However, I do not think it is a boring book.

For sushi place owner, sushi chef, and sushi restaurant staffs: buy this book and read it while you have time. You will not learn on how to cut the fish. However, you will learn plenty stuffs and cultures. You are no longer regular sushi fans anymore after you read this book. You will learn a lot of materials that you need to know if you are in sushi environment business.

I can say that this is a “must buy” book for sushi lover.

A tiny note:

The review about the taste above is a general review. There is no fish taste the same. The weather, size, quality, the source of the fish and how the sushi chef prepare them are important aspects to the taste and texture. We try to write as accurate as possible. Therefore, we are looking forward to the reader to participate in the discussion/comment to add/adjust/revise those review. Please mention when, where and specific detail how you review the fish.