risk of sushi

A tiny note:

The review about the taste above is a general review. There is no fish taste the same. The weather, size, quality, the source of the fish and how the sushi chef prepare them are important aspects to the taste and texture. We try to write as accurate as possible. Therefore, we are looking forward to the reader to participate in the discussion/comment to add/adjust/revise those review. Please mention when, where and specific detail how you review the fish.

A dollar sushi: why we should and should not?

It is insane that people spend $300 for 40 minutes sushi meals. Right!, you have experienced a fancy, fantastic, unique, and “best of the best” sea creatures. Do we have to spend “Tiffany-price” for sushi? No. If you live in NYC, there are many “a dollar” sushi place around the city. You can substitute your “green Washington picture” with a piece of sushi. The price of sushi is less than a dozen of gum. However, you have forgotten that eating sushi is risky for your health. It does not matter $300 sushi or a dollar sushi, both may be dangerous for your health.

A dollar sushi vs a norm size sushi. Thinner cut, not smaller.