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A dollar sushi: why we should and should not?

It is insane that people spend $300 for 40 minutes sushi meals. Right!, you have experienced a fancy, fantastic, unique, and “best of the best” sea creatures. Do we have to spend “Tiffany-price” for sushi? No. If you live in NYC, there are many “a dollar” sushi place around the city. You can substitute your “green Washington picture” with a piece of sushi. The price of sushi is less than a dozen of gum. However, you have forgotten that eating sushi is risky for your health. It does not matter $300 sushi or a dollar sushi, both may be dangerous for your health.

A dollar sushi vs a norm size sushi. Thinner cut, not smaller.

Madai | Genuine Tai, Genuine Japanese Snapper, Red Seabream

It means "celebration fish", "king of white fish", or "congratulations". One of the luxury fish in Japan. It might confuse with red snapper, sea bream in US. It has been mislabelled to Caribbean red snapper, crimson snapper, goldbanded jobfish,ocean perch, porgy/seabream, spotted rose snapper, tilapia, tilefish, or white bass because the true madai is very expensive and rare.

Madai is watery, clean, delicate sweet aroma. It has pretty traslucent and light color meat. The meat has sweet and fibery texture. It might has a note such as lime, herbs on meat.


Tachiuo | Scabbard, beltfish, great sword fish, silver scabbard, cutlassfish

Tachiuo has interesting texture; meaty, firm and tender when it is raw. Indeed, people may found a little crunchy texture. The meat color is pretty; white with another white segment layer. It is white fish typical meat color. The flavor is light, hint a salt, long finish. However, people usually slightly grilled (medium rare) to change the texture to be a little soft. When it contacts the heat, the texture is change. The meat becomes slightly meaty-soft and more flavorful.

Iwashi | Sardine, Californian Pilchard, Japanese Pilchard

American sardine (pilchard) is very similar to Pacific sardine or Japanese sardine in flavor, meat texture, shape and size.
It is surprising for American people that sardine is one of the delicious fish for sushi. The meat is medium firm, has no fishy smell as cook sardine, however, the meat is very tasty and flavorful. There is a slightly sweet in very oily meat. It is very rich in flavor. The skin adds some great texture as well.

Buri | Yellowtail

Buri is wild yellowtail; fatty, soft, very delicate, mild to rich, and milky-buttery. It is even softer than regular yellowtail. Buri is easy to chew and the meat melts. The color is interesting deep white, very shinny, mild aroma, translucent look. It has blood line which is pink color and it is totally fine to be eaten. This is the reason why buri is so popular in Japan

Pacific Bonito

It won't be easy to discuss this fish because people think that bonito and katsuo are the same fish. It is not.

Generally, there are many different type of bonito. The color of the meat should be deep white to pink. However, some type of bonito may have pink to red color. The meat is generally between soft to very soft meat, fishy smell, bold and flavorful. This meat is easy to chew and melts. Some restaurants sell skipjack tuna or katsuo as bonito because bonito has more value. The color of katsuo (skipjack tuna) is violet deep red unlike true bonito. The texture of skipjack tuna is less soft and meaty compare to bonito.

Sayori, Hariuo, Kannuki | Japanese Halfbeak, Thin Fish

Sayori, Japanese halfbeak is different fish with American or regular halfbeak. Sayori meat is soft to slighly firm, clean, a little fishy smell, and medium to light flavor, delightful. The color is pretty shinny transparent to white. With shimmering shinny skin, sayori is becoming easy to eat for sushi beginner.

Sayori is seasonal fish, winter to spring.